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Online Sexual Harassment Training Programs

On-Demand Online Training Anywhere, Anytime and from Any Device.

Employee Online Sexual Harassment Training English And Spanish:

  • Complies with the 2018 New York State sexual harassment prevention law and New York City Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act  Read White Paper on New York's requirements
  • Fulfills federal and State training requirements, including those in Delaware, California, Connecticut, Maine, New York State, and New York City!
  • Complies with California's SB 1343 and AB 1825 sexual harassment training law, California's AB 2053 anti-bullying training law, and California's SB 396 gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation harassment training law Read White Paper on California's requirements
  • Complies with the 2018 Delaware Discrimination in Employment Act (DDEA) Read White Paper on Delaware's requirements
  • Is backed by our in-house expertise, outstanding customer support, and follow-up program.


Managers and supervisors must be given additional specialized training on how to properly handle cases of sexual harassment.

What Employees Will Cover In This intensive 1-2 hour Online Sexual harassment:

  • Definition of Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environment Harassment
  • Mistakes Managers Make that can Create a Hostile Work Environment
  • How to Avoid a Hostile Work Environment & what it can cost
  • How to Avoid Quid Pro Quo Harassment situations
  • It’s Not Just About Sex Anymore-Gener & Bullying Protected Classes other than Sex
  • How to Avoid Retaliation Claims
  • Tips & Samples What Your Anti-Harassment HR & Company Policy Contain
  • “Reasonable Care” Under the Law, what does this mean?
  • Methods to Avoid Discriminations in the Workplace
  • Protected Classes Under State and Federal Law


What’s Included:  Online Sexual Harassment Training

  • Your Company’s Customized Branding and Logo
  • Reports:  Status for Employee Training and those who have completed the online harassment training
  • Final assessment of learning transfer
  • Printable Completion Certificates

Whether you have one employee or 100 employees, we offer affordable volume pricing.

Current Courseware

Courses are updated ongoing as sexual harassment regulations and laws change.

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