On-Site Sexual Harassment Training

On-Site Sexual Harassment Training

Prevent Problems Before They Occur With Employee Harassment Training

EHT Training will bring your employees together!

EHT helps employees and your organization achieve greater success with a quality harassment/Bullying certification program. Including self-improvement, including onsite training, on-demand modules, live online courses or webinars and an array of innovative corporate training solutions.

Training can be quantified:

An employee earning $50,000 per year who is unproductive only one hour per day costs your organization $6,250 per year. Employers with 25 employees involved in an effective training program increase their return to the organization at more than $156,250 yearly. (not including other benefits to organizations such as profitability, reduced turnover, improved morale, enhanced teamwork, better customer service, greater creativity, lost opportunity etc.) Over the five years, the payback is over $781,250 (Source: Dr. Donald E. Wetmore).


  • Research shows that 70% of employees in the United States are disengaged costing companies $300-500 billion annually.
  • Employees report up to 5 hours a day of wasted unproductive time.

What do employees want?

Four of the top 5 motivators for employees, supervisors and non-supervisors alike: Good leadership, Clear Communication, Non=Harassment & Discrimination, Respect, Growth, and Development.

We have customized answers!

Employee Training Development for Managers, Supervisors, and Employees. Every EHT trainer will customize their presentation to fit your organization’s business training needs, unique culture, state laws, and business objectives.

Customized on-site training:

Every EHT trainer will fully customize their topic to your organization’s objectives, culture, and issues at no additional charge! Our trainers will personalize the presentation around company objectives, state and federal laws. They will listen, outline their notes and design a game-plan specific to your organization’s needs.

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Our Founders, Jill Scala and Dr. Ron Marquardt, have more than 50 years combined experience in the business training industry. Their flagship company, MVP Seminars, is home to over 250 business training professionals and more than 100 keynote topics.

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