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We are one of the very few Harassment/Bullying sites that serve as a broad national directory, specializes in all states & major cities, within each state.

Our marketing format has been honed by years of SEO & Internet experience. We suggest you log on to Google, select a city & state, then place a very popular keyword phrase within the Google search box. Example, "Los Angeles Ca. sexual harassment seminars ", or try "Dallas Texas sexual harassment training seminars", & EHT, or our flagship web site MVP seminars will be in the top 1-8 positions. This format can be used with every city & state, using several other key word conditions, with similiar results. We obviously have a major national presense on Google, so as the phone rings, the leads are sent directly to you. Social and word of mouth certainly play a role, but online organic search almost always dominates the stats.

Minimal would be a two-year college degree with HR experience. Four year degree is preferred, educators, legal & paralegal backgrounds, HR professionals, or managers who have a combination of the above.

It depends on the state, selected topics, ( the more topics covered ) the greater the fees. You'll notice EHT also promotes, Team-Building, Communication, Discrimination & Bullying, in addition to our Harassment offerings. A typical onsite Sexual Harassment seminar in Ca. would be billed, between $1,000-1,800.00, ( 2 hrs. ), plus travel, printing, etc. This certainly varies from state to state. Disciplinary training is generally one on one, & is billed, per hr. Zoom training is billed per attendee, ranging from $10.50 per head upwards to 40.00, depending on attendance.

No, it provides the broad issues of Sexual Harassment. Individual state requirements vary, so after joining you should become very familiar with your particular state laws. The federal EEOC statues, are generally very stable, & straightforward.

All local & national leads are forwarded directly to the EHT member, same day. We suggest you immediately call or email prospective client. Generally, you will talk directly with the HR director. Listen carefully, take notes & recommend various options, i.e. zoom or onsite. Then, send a formal proposal with prices, profile, contact info. Follow-up after 2-3 days. Normally, local cities like to select a local vendor. Yes, Larger cities, are restricted to no more than two members, & smaller cities, only one. This way it is non-competitive for our members.


Yes, of course. Common issues are seminar pricing, collection of money, tax benefits of the dependent contractor, etc.

Yes. Each member is provided a professional space for picture, web address, phone, city & state, topics, short paragraph covering background, etc. In many cases, the potential client will contact the member directly. Each new member will also receive a "free" membership to our sister website, a $500.00 value.

Yes. Your profile info is listed on the website, with location. In addition, each time you give a Sexual Harassment seminar you are also handing out your business cards. Conducting seminars is a great way to expand your legal business & profit at the same time.

Yes. Also, you will have a comprehensive "free" profile page on our flagship website,, which will allow you to choose additional topics.

More Reasons to Join EHT ........

  • High Traffic: Google keyword placement is well established, both by city & state.
  • Highly Ranked Content: EHT content appears at the top of popular search engine results such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Industry Leading: Comprehensive "free" membership with MVP Seminars, ( $500.00 value ), which has had a online presence since 1998.
  • Attract Your Target Client Base: With a rich profile description, you can create a highly specialized listing to attract your local client base.
  • Submit Legal blogs: Increase your online influence by submitting legal articles to our highly trafficked blog section.
  • Keep your full time job & moonlight as a speaker/trainer gaining customers, earning quality payments, while enjoying the tax benefits of being an independent contractor.

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