Our AB 1825 Spanish training certification is fully compliant with California regulations and the client has the option of on-site translation from English, or fully in Spanish. This seminar will specify in Spanish how the CA AB1825 law applies to practical definitions & examples of Harassment & Bullying, and how they relate to the official venue. This information will specifically guide the employee to the correct pathway of notifying HR, or managerial assistance & other proper avenues of correction.

This onsite & online course will help the employee understand the following:

  • An overview of CA & Federal sexual harassment laws
  • Role Playing & workplace examples of conduct that constitute sexual harassment
  • Correct managerial responses to complaints of harassment in the workplace venue
  • Implementation of techniques to prevent harassment in the workplace
  • Training & role-playing on the prevention of “abusive conduct” in the workplace.
  • Role-playing & specific scripted hypotheticals to demonstrate the various forms that bullying, harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, can take.


Our AB 1825 Spanish course is the leading choice of California's corporate & small business organizations. Our curriculum makes the difference:

  • Powerpoint Presentation: Our CA and Federal harassment training features over 25 color slides detailing all aspects of sexual harassment, which creates a lot of Q&A, & employee interaction (Spanish, English).
  • Pre & Post Testing: Details exact level of learning, before and after training (Spanish, & English).
  • Reproducible Handouts: Extensively explaining both state Harassment, Gender & Bullying laws, along with corresponding Federal laws.
  • Interactive Lecture & Video Role-Playing: Creating industry-specific examples, increases comprehension, & practical knowledge of both harassment & bullying issues.
  • Completion Diploma & Employee Acknowledgement Of Training: Documenting attendance, professional diploma signed and dated by the instructor.
  • EHT No-Charge Two Year Monitoring Program: PowerPoint, designed for updates every four months, reinforcing core material. Dated and signed by attending employee and HR.
  • Fee: We bill only on fee, which is affordable, and covers all aspects of training and follow-up monitoring.
  • Employee Compliance & Sign in Sheets: Signed, dated with exact curriculum provided.
  • Attendance: No limit, we want your company to get as much value for your dollar, as possible.


According to the CA state regulations, to be a trainer or educator, a person must have specific training in the areas below:

  • What constitutes unlawful harassment, discrimination, and retaliation under the 1964 civil rights act.
  • What specific steps to take when harassing behavior occurs in the workplace
  • How to report harassment complaints
  • Directing the harassed employee on how to respond to a harassment complaint
  • The employer’s obligation to conduct a workplace investigation of a harassment complaint
  • What constitutes retaliation and how this can be prevented
  • Essential components of anti-harassment and bullying forms of behavior
  • The effect harassment has on employees, co-workers, harassers, and employers
  • A comprehensive understanding of Ca. AB 1825 law
  • Practical examples of real-life Harassment & Bullying in all aspects of the workplace.
  • Tips & practical advice on how to avoid the traps of harassment related issues.
  • A full explanation of role-playing situations like Quid Pro Quo & Impact vs. Intent.
  • Sample documents of employee handbook anti-harassment issues, with the employee signing off, on each page.
  • Q & A & lecture will give practical examples of real-life issues, & how they should be handled.
  • Q & A: It is essential that the trainer, whether in Spanish or English be available to answer all questions from training participants. This requirement applies to both classroom and online courses. In online programs, after the trainee submits a question through the link provided for that purpose, a trainer must provide an answer within two business days, either in Spanish or English.

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