Bullying In The Workplace

Bullying In The Workplace

Bullying In The Workplace

What exactly is workplace bullying? Many people & office workers consider Bullying a childhood playground issue, that certainly will not affect them in the corporate venue. However, Bullying in the workplace frequently occurs when an employee is targeted by a superior authority. This developing behavior results in simple intimation, demeaning & arrogant attitudes & embarrassing, or threatening mannerisms. Many corporate managers & supervisors choose to ignore bullying of fellow employees by co-workers. This workplace ignorance simply allows bullying behavior to poison the workplace & cause nothing but problems & reduced profits.

Bullying in the workplace happens:

  • A Manager/Supervisor or individual with corporate authority intimidates other employees by hostile/abusive communication.
  • A fellow co-worker is repeatedly criticized & placed on a “guilt trip” for mistakes, others have made.
  • A fellow employee is consistently excluded, from corporate events, meetings, social gatherings & social events that are part of their job, & crucial to their career.
  • A fellow employee repeatedly does a wonderful job but is consistently ignored, without any praise acknowledgment by superiors.
  • An individual is repeatedly the target of off-color jokes or racial teasing.

Frequently, many corporate managers, even with MBA’S exhibit poor “common sense” skills. This negativity can ultimately result in a less than productive workplace, resulting in the harmful behavior & attitudes of fellow employees, while affecting the company’s bottom line. . . . . ..

Why not report issues? Many employees fear job termination if they report workplace bullying. Similar to Harassment issues, which can perpetuate negative behavior, bullying, reinforces negative attitudes, which can become commonplace. This scenario will eventually destroy the companies morale & profits, followed by legal problems which are very costly.


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