Define workplace bullying:

‘Workplace bullying means any behavior that is repeated, systematic and directed towards an employee or group of employees that a reasonable person, having regard to the circumstances, would expect to victimize, humiliate, undermine or threaten and which creates a risk to health and safety.’

Detailed analysis of both Overt and Covert Bullying: Bullying behavior can be obvious or subtle.

Examples could include:

  • Abusive, insulting or offensive language;
  • Behavior or language that frightens, humiliates, belittles or degrades, including criticism that is delivered with yelling and screaming;
  • Teasing or regularly making someone the brunt of practical jokes;
  • Displaying material that is degrading or offending;
  • Spreading gossip, rumors and innuendo of a malicious nature.  And more….

Up to Violence & assault, Stalking

Examples:  Describe what behaviors constitute bullying and are not considered bullying.

Factors that contribute to workplace bullying:

  •       Power
  •       Low Self Esteem
  •       Being Different
  •       Perceived threat
  •       Organizational Culture

What to do about Bullying, What if you are the Bully?  Assess yourself:

  •       Behaviors that minimize bullying in the workplace
  •       Communication Skill Development
  •       Performance Management and

Motivation skills training:

  •       Self-Respect and Respect for others

Gender Equity and Diversity:

  •       Define
  •       State and Federal Laws
  •       Examples and case studies

Sensitivity Training:

  • The Quiz Every Manager and Supervisor Must Ace

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